Friday, June 28, 2013

T - 10 Days

By Victoria Chatfield (Executive Director)

Rehearsals for Circuits and Clipped start in just ten days!

That means that our team of directors, designers, producers, and stage managers has been working overtime to prepare for that first day. Here are just a few of the preparations that are being made to ensure that we're going to have an outstanding summer:

Stage managers Carmel Bendit-Shtull and Daria Berstell met with first-time assistant stage managers Genesis Ruiz and Hailey Nelson to set them up for success on their first day. They discussed what interactions between stage managers and directors/actors should look like in the rehearsal room, preparing their ASMs to help establish a culture of professionalism and support. They taught them everything that they'll need to know when they walk through the door on July 8th: how to take blocking notes, how to stay on-book, how to tape down the ground plan, etc. And while Genesis and Hailey will be doing a lot of on-the-job learning (they're only thirteen, after all), they have a solid foundation to work from.

Producer Victoria Chatfield (i.e. your humble blogger) has been trying to book rehearsal space in midtown Manhattan. It's just as exhausting as anticipated. Every building has availability but an hour shorter than what we wanted or a smaller room than we wanted or an earlier time slot than we wanted . . . So, in order to get exactly what we want, we've had to book space in about seven different buildings. Luckily, we're working with some great folks at CAP 21 and TADA! who're helping us keep our rehearsal space semi-consistent. Being optimistic about the entire situation: we're going to get to see every rehearsal space in midtown Manhattan. (Just kidding. That would be basically impossible. There are so many of them.)

Designers Lashun Coster, Anneliese Ryan, Justin Tolbert, and (our brand-new sound designer) Morgan McDaniel have been meeting with the directors to prepare their preliminary designs. We're hoping to show them to the actors during a gallery walk at our orientation. Just looking at the research, I know that we're going to see some incredible designs in the coming weeks.

I'll try to update this blog every day leading up to rehearsals. This is where everything gets really interesting! I cannot wait to get into that rehearsal room!

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