Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Notes from the Rehearsal Room

By Kayleen Pena (Director of Marketing)

Monday is the beginning of the week, right? Well, today was a new beginning for NTSA. At rehearsal today, Clipped did a full run-through of their show (practice for our performances in August)! Clipped tells the story of Elise, a woman aging too quickly and forgetting too slowly. She buys a parrot named Petey, thinking it's the reincarnation of her flyaway father. Kaitlin Cullen-Verhauz is our Elise, and Adam Orme is our Petey. Let me just say -- Adam did an amazing job. His role is physically demanding (crawling everywhere and flapping his arms frequently), and he also squawked very much like a real parrot. Kaitlin also shined. She threw herself into rehearsal, portraying an emotional woman very realistically. I am confident that all of their hard work will pay off on opening night.

Today was my first day as the Clipped assistant stage manager. I now can tell you that I am the Director of Marketing as well as an assistant stage manager for NTSA. Today was also our first day of rehearsal for our understudies, Brooke Shilling and Evan Reiser. Since Kaitlin was out sick today (feel better!), the Clipped team decided to teach our understudies the choreography included in the show. Brooke and Evan quickly learned the dance, and the whole rehearsal was dedicated to helping them perfect their moves. While they practiced, Ben (Clipped's director) met with NTSA's awesome sound designer, Morgan McDaniel, to decide on a song to accompany the dance. It's a disco song, and it's "corny" (in Ben's words). Props to our hard-working understudies! Congrats on completing your first day of rehearsal!

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