Sunday, July 7, 2013

T - 1 (i.e. Orientation!)

By Kayleen Pena (Interim Director of Marketing)

I could hear singing as Genesis, Victoria, and I walked up to our floor at Opera America in Chelsea, Manhattan. After we had been escorted to our room, the process of set-up began. At this time, people trickled in, one by one. I gave them awesomely colored name tags (courtesy of Victoria), and they took their seats at the conference tables.

Victoria went over the orientation manual with us -- a very chill and social process. She told us that the essential NTSA core values are community, professionalism, and risk-taking. We spent a few minutes talking about what those meant to us and what those might look like in a rehearsal or during a performance. When we turned turned the page, there was a very interesting test: the DOPE bird personality test. You answer forty questions, which translate into these four birds: dove, “the harmony seeker”; owl, “the detail seeker”; peacock, “the excitement seeker”; and eagle, “the results seeker.” We had many peacocks and doves, but I was the ONLY full owl in the entire NTSA family! Victoria had us discuss our results and gave us tips on working with different bird types.

We then went over our Code of Conduct (the only even semi-boring part of orientation), and we had dinner catered by the amazing Rocking Horse Cafe (burritos, chips, salsa, and CHOCOLATE CINNAMON cookies)! All of the members of NTSA then had time to socialize and have fun, which came right after my speech about how to make this blog better for you guys! All in all, I had lots of fun yesterday, and everyone at NTSA is as amazing as unicorns and sparkly puppies.

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