Sunday, September 8, 2013


By Victoria Chatfield (Executive Director)

Would you believe that almost a month has gone by since Circuits Clipped opened? Hopefully, you caught our hourly updates on Twitter and Instagram during tech week. If not, you can find us @ntsatheatre. Thanks to you, we sold out ALL of our evening performances at Atlantic Stage 2!

I'm almost through with exit interviews, and I wanted to share some advice that our cast and crew passed on for next year's company members:

"Challenge your collaborators as often as possible."
- Benjamin Viertel (Director, Clipped)

"Never think that you're too young for something. Ask for whatever you want."
- Kayleen Peña (Associate Director of Marketing and Assistant Stage Manager, Clipped)

"Always be prepared and on top of things. I wish we could do it all over again!"
- Genesis Ruiz (Assistant Stage Manager, Circuits)

"Don't feel skeptical about the fact that the shows are entirely student-created. The youthful creativity is what really makes this company magical."
- Kaitlin Cullen-Verhauz (Elise, Clipped)

"Let your guard down. Be open from the beginning of the rehearsal process. At NTSA, you'll find acceptance, professionalism, and courtesy. Trust them."
- Dominique Thorne (Emily, Circuits)

"Just roll with it. There are going to be lots of changes and things are going to happen at the last minute. It's okay."
- Ben Spinale (Technical Director)

"Relax. You'll be overwhelmed. It's the first time doing this for a lot of people -- not just you."
- Anneliese Ryan (Lighting Designer)

"Be patient. Reach out to other people for information, even when you feel awkward. Put your confidence pants on; things always go the worst when you don't."
- Daria Berstell (Stage Manager, Clipped)

"Be ready to go in and act like and be treated like a professional. In no other situation have I gotten this level of respect as an artist."
- Adam Orme (Petey/Dad, Clipped)

If you're a student playwright, director, designer, technician, stage manager, or actor, we hope that you'll join us for next season. Keep checking the CURRENT PRODUCTION and AUDITIONS sections for more information on what's coming up for NTSA in 2013-2014.

Thank you once again for supporting the next generation of American theater.

(Photographs by Christian Ogando, New Design High School '14)

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