Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Interview: Micheal Blasini

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By Kayleen Peña (Producing Assistant)

Micheal Blasini, our choreographer, was hard at work today with the cast of Jimmy!. We were amazed while watching his guidance and dedication to his work. We caught him during a rehearsal break and got a breakdown of his thoughts. Always eager to continue working after our interview, he worriedly asked us, “Is this going to take more than 10 minutes? Because that's how long my break is.”

What made you want to be the choreographer for Jimmy!?

MICHEAL: Well, I’ve always had a love for musical theater. It’s always been my passion. I’m actually a singer as well; I dance, and I sing. Choreographing for Jimmy! has allowed me to be on the other side of the production. I’m used to being on the side of performing, and Jimmy!’s given me a backstage view of musical theater, so I think it’s building my technique.

What’s your favorite part about choreographing Jimmy!?

MICHEAL: My favorite part is incorporating the ideas of the performers. While the choreography is mainly my dance steps and all that stuff that I’ve made, I like to see what actors and singers bring to the choreography and how they interpret my work.

Since your name is Micheal and he was a good dancer, do you look up to Michael Jackson?

MICHEAL: Oh! Yeah, definitely! Michael Jackson was an innovator in many ways. He started a lot of things and had his own groove, so that’s something that I think a wide range of people -- not just dancers, also singers -- look up to. He started a lot and made it his own, so that’s a definite.

What’s been the most difficult part about choreographing Jimmy!?

MICHEAL: I would say just transferring it from my head to the stage. It’s definitely something that I’m working on. It’s a challenge in certain ways -- getting it from my head and paper onto the dancers’ bodies and putting it all together.

What are your thoughts on Jimmy! so far?

MICHEAL: I think it’s a really funny musical. I love the music; I’ve been able to build so much of the choreography from the music because it’s so catchy, it’s so enjoyable. Jimmy! is something that you enjoy watching because it has those moments in it. It has those serious moments, but it also has those funny moments and those energetic moments. That’s something I enjoy about Jimmy!.

Why should people buy tickets to Jimmy! right now? At this very moment?

MICHEAL: Because why would you wait any longer to witness such great work? I mean, you gotta buy it now. Who knows if it’s going to sell out? Then you’re not gonna have a chance to see this. And I think these young performers have such a great platform to perform musical theater, and any amount of support is needed. Right now, you should be buying your tickets, not waiting until a week before or a day before. I mean that’s fine too, because we want to sell out, but right now is the time.

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