Saturday, July 19, 2014

Jimmy! Sneak Peek Recap (i.e. Last Friday Night)

Producing assistant Kayleen Peña shares her thoughts on last Friday's Jimmy! Sneak Peek at the residence of board member (and goddess of all things artistic) Kate Quarfordt.

Oh, Friday night.

It’s a night I’ll always remember. Dozens of people came out to Kate Quarfordt’s home in Fort Greene to show their support for NTSA and our production, Jimmy!: A Musical Fable With Almost No Historical Basis. It was the epitome of a perfect night because there were:

A. Perfect refreshments: Delicious snacks were everywhere. Chips, salsa, soda, cheese, salami, crackers, and fresh fruit and vegetables (for the health conscious).

B. Perfect people: Tons of loyal NTSA supporters, full of positive energy, gained a glimpse of Jimmy! before it opens on August 8th. Kate Quarfordt (Director of Development), Toro Adeyemi (Communications Director), Olivia O'Connor (Literary Director), and of course, Victoria Chatfield (Executive Director), the four women running things at the sneak peek, were awesome as usual -- entertaining and supportive.

C. Perfect activities: There was a raffle, a photo booth (run by Toro, with a hat that was a donkey wearing a hat [see photos below for more of that awesomeness]), and . . .

D. Perfect face painting: The brilliant Kate, whose face painting at the World Cup was recently featured in Condé Nast Traveler, had a line of people waiting to get their face painted with a patriotic theme (including me). She did it all with a smile and a very tiny paintbrush.

E. Last, but not least, a perfect performance: The cast (Reed Lancaster, Jonathan Rodriguez, Tommaso Di Blasi, J.D. Killikelly, Lia-Shea Tillett, Parade Stone, Jacob Rice, Leon Schwendener, Marla Loussaint, Adam Stern-Rand, and Anna Wnukowski) delivered an outstanding three songs for our audience. Their vocals and enthusiasm were top notch. And of course, kudos to our great music director, Jacob Houser, who accompanied the actors on the piano. And the radiant Emma Young who stepped up as the music stand. (Don't ask.)

Friday night was a night of fun, support, and excitement. Judging by the sneak peek and our rehearsals, Jimmy! is something you do not want to miss. Buy your tickets now!

(Performing "The Ru'nation" -- See more tomorrow!)

(Jimmy Cast and Team Music)

(Jimmy Cast and Writers I.B. Hopkins and Noah Haines)

(Two Seasons of NTSA Tech Teams)

(NTSA's Board of Directors)

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