Saturday, April 25, 2015

"This Life Is Possible, and It's Yours to Live."

A Message from NTSA Board Member Kate Quarfordt

Each summer​,​ New York City floods with young Broadway hopefuls from all over the country whose families pay thousands of dollars for them to participate in prestigious training programs in the performing arts. In a city full of so many great opportunities for creative young people, what makes ​the ​National Theatre for Student Artists' work ​​unique?

Simple​!​ NTSA is the only organization ​in the nation that actually pays student actors, designers​,​ playwrights, and directors from across the country to experience what it's like to be a working creative professional in New York City. Paying kids for their artistic contribution (through a stipend or their flight and lodging) means that this singular professional experience becomes accessible to a much broader array of kids​:​ ​It is based solely on participants' creative merit and not on their families' income level. Equally​ as​ ​important, it creates an indelible stamp on ​students' early experience as developing artists that -- as our proud alumni will attest -- profoundly affects their drive, confidence​,​ and work ethic as they mature in their ​desired ​careers.

It takes a lot of guts to decide that you want to make art for a living​,​ and then commit to developing the skills and practical experience you need to make your dream come true. NTSA offer​s​ students an opportunity to hone those skills and​ earn that experience. AND, by giving participants what for most is their first paycheck as a professional artist, NTSA also provides an intangible but mission-critical boost that tells young creatives: "Your dream is not crazy. This life is possible, and it's yours to live."

We are inviting YOU to become part of nationwide movement to create the next generation of American theater. Donate to NTSA's Kickstarter campaign and help us raise the $10,000 that our students need to bring the world premiere of Expedition to New York City this summer. You have the ability to give students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see their creative vision realized onstage. Thank you so much for believing in the future of the American theater!