Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A First Glimpse at the World of Expedition

During the past two months, our student designers have been meticulously crafting the world of Rae Binstock's Expedition -- from the glass-walled Chicago apartment that overlooks the L train, to the soundscape overheard each day on the streets of Harlem, to the lighting effects that will guide audience members back in time to the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Despite the fact that they're living in towns across the United States, our designers have already forged a strong and cohesive team. Each Sunday, they meet via Skype for their weekly production meeting. These meetings are a treasure-trove of historical research, script analysis, artistic skill, and hardcore creativity. Our designers can sketch a fully-colored rendering one week, and then rip it up and go back to the drawing board for something completely different the next. It's a challenging and sometimes frustrating process -- but the finished product is worth every moment!

They submitted their first round of designs this past weekend, and we wanted to share some of them with you below. (Make sure to subscribe to our mailing list for more behind-the-scenes access, and if you've already donated, take a peek at the backer-only content on Kickstarter!) But please remember that, without your help, these designs will be relegated to the sketchpad and the model box. Your donation helps us buy the wood, paint, fabric, and hardware that we'll need to bring these designs to life onstage! It only takes a few minutes to make a big difference. Please donate today and join us on our Expedition!


(Jack as William Clark)

(Tom as Meriwether Lewis)


(Set Design)

Please donate today and support our designers and the future of the American theater!

Costume designs by Olivia Hern (Shelburne, VT)
Set design by Jessica Baldinger (West Palm Beach, FL)

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