Five Websites for Getting Your Perfect Accompaniment Track

perfect accompaniment track

Maybe you have an accompanist at your high school — a music director, a vocal instructor, or just a friend who happens to be good on the piano. For the rest of us, when audition time rolls around, we need to find a pre-recorded accompaniment track. But where do you even start looking? Over at NTSA, we've gathered up a list of the five best websites for finding accompaniment tracks (or having them custom-created for you).

Pianotrax: Pianotrax belongs on a list of every musical theatre performer’s favorite websites. Not just because there’s 75,000 accompaniment tracks available on the site for purchase but because they’ll do custom tracks for $15 for the first two pages and then $3 for every subsequent page. Not a bad deal for those who really want the piano accompaniment to an obscure Sam Salmond, Joey Contreras, or RSO song.

Andrew Byrne: Andrew Byrne has published free accompaniment tracks for almost all of the songs in the Singers Musical Theater Anthology series. Here at NTSA, we have no Do Not Sing List. So pick your favorite Broadway staple and belt it out loud and proud.

Audacity: You know what’s better than buying a million different accompaniment tracks? Making your own. Using Audacity, you can take an MP3 and reduce the vocals using a method called audio canceling. Did we mention that Audacity’s free? If you have a little bit of technical know-how, you never have to spend a dime on accompaniment tracks, and you can perform any song on any original cast recording. Check out the how-to on YouTube.

Paul Shapera: NTSA will be producing the off-Broadway premiere of The Dolls of New Albion this summer. You can find accompaniment tracks for all of the most popular songs from that musical on Paul Shapera’s website, as well as accompaniment tracks for the New Albion sequels. Check out “Storyville Station.” We could listen to that song a million times over.

YouTube: Although the quality might not always be top-of-the-line, you’ll find what you’re looking for on YouTube. Looking for “Dust and Ashes” from Natsaha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812? Found. “Times are Hard for Dreamers” from Amélie? Yep. While I wasn’t able to find the title song from Joe Brooks’ legendary best-worst musical In My Life (the ultimate in musical theater challenges), I was able to find “A Quiet Night at Home” from the original 2004 pop opera version of Bare. YouTube, you (almost) have it all.

After you find your perfect accompaniment track, remember to record an audition video and apply now for NTSA's summer musicals — Loserville and The Dolls of New Albion!

Posted on Oct 18, 2017 in Auditions  

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