Are You The Ideal NTSA Applicant? Five Ways To Know

ideal ntsa candidate

 Unlike many summer theatre programs, NTSA is selective — meaning that we only accept students based on the application materials that they submit via our website. So how do you know if you have what it takes to make the cut? Here we have five ways to know if YOU are the ideal NTSA applicant.

1. Are you a superstar in your drama department?
This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re always cast in the leading role in your high school play or musical! Do you come in on the weekends to help the technical theatre students build the set? Do you help the freshman struggling in the back row learn the choreography? Are you an ambassador for the drama department on open house days because you’ve been involved in every single show since freshman year? For NTSA, being the superstar of your drama department means more than just having talent; it means doing whatever it takes to help your teammates succeed and having unlimited passion for everything theatre-related.

2. Are you a risk-taker?
Do you feel like every rehearsal has to be perfect? If so, then NTSA might not be the right program for you. We’re looking for risk-takers who aren’t afraid to get up and try something new. We want you to play with the rehearsal material and push yourself way beyond your comfort zone. We want you to throw your hands up and say “I’m going to try something that might not work!” Believe me, all of our directors will immediately say “great!” and pat you on the back afterwards, even if you were way off-base. We love off-base — because every time, it gets us one step closer to a home run. If you’re doing the same thing over and over again in rehearsal, you’re not getting anywhere.

3. Are you an independent learner?
We’re looking for students who don’t just listen to the director’s notes; they bring a pencil and notebook and write down those notes. They re-read those notes when they get back to their dorm rooms. They make adjustments based on those notes and practice them that night. They ask follow-up questions if something in the notes was unclear. And if they didn’t get any notes but feel like they aren’t reaching their full potential, we’re looking for students who will go up to the director (or music director or choreographer) and ask for some advice or even some one-on-one coaching. If the director recommends an instructional manual, we’re looking for students who will read that material cover-to-cover. (That’s why we have library access on-campus after all!)

4. Do you already consider yourself a professional?
You were off-book after the first week of rehearsal. You always show up fifteen minutes early (because you know that’s “on time” in show business). You’re always well-prepared with your script, pencils, notebook, water bottle, and any other supplies that you need to get through the rehearsal. You don’t date your co-stars because you know that drama can get in the way of your craft. You’re always polite to everyone — including the front-of-house staff — and you make sure to help clean up the dressing rooms at night so that the janitors don’t have to worry about the make-up sponges that you left behind. If you’re already approaching your work like a professional, then you’ll fit right in at NTSA.

5. Can you work with anyone?
NTSA’s company members come from across the United States. That means that you’ll meet actors, designers, musicians, stage managers, directors, and producers from all different races and ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, socioeconomic statuses, linguistic backgrounds, geographic locations, (dis)ability levels, and political affiliations — and you need to be able to work alongside all of them. Think you might struggle working alongside a deaf co-worker? NTSA’s probably not the right fit for you. Secretly judge anyone who comes from a rural area and has spent their life working on a farm? Nope. Not for you. Here’s one that might be a little bit trickier: Don’t think you could work alongside someone who identifies as a Republican or a Democrat? You might not want to audition for NTSA either. We believe that meeting people from different backgrounds can open our eyes to new perspectives, which ultimately makes us more effective artists. All are welcome here!

Posted on Oct 05, 2017 in Auditions  

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