Our Five Favorite Audition Songs For Male-Identifying People

5 favorite audition songs men

Tired of belting out "This Is the Moment" for the nineteenth audition in a row? As we've previously mentioned, we don't have a Do Not Sing List at NTSA, but we understand if you're getting tired of the worn-out staples in your repertoire. So we’ve come up with a list of the five songs that we wish we heard more often in auditions. Sing on!

1. “Odyssey”

What’s that? Ryan Scott Oliver is overplayed in auditions, you say? Don’t care. We could listen to RSO songs ad nauseam. However, we know that even you, lifelong musical theatre fan, might be over our perennial favorites like “Stroke by Stroke.” So we’re just going to leave standalone classic “Odyssey” at the top of this list. But if you ever choose to serenade us with “Good Lady” or “Leave Luanne” or “Hemming and Hawing”, just know that we won’t mind. Ever.

Accompaniment Track Unavailable / Sheet Music

2. “Ohio” (Young Kind of Love)

We spent an entire month listening to this song on repeat. Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-ohio! It’s a song so infectious that we dare you not to sing along.

Accompaniment Track Unavailable / Sheet Music

3. “Change of Heart” (Love’s Labour’s Lost)

Why don’t more actors use Love’s Labour’s Lost for auditions? Like is there a secret cabal of actors who’ve added this musical to their songbook, but they just haven’t auditioned for us yet? This is one of our favorite musicals from the past decade. We picked “Change of Heart,” but young men have tons of options here, like the sweeping declaration of “Are You a Man?” (which successfully manages to combine pop-rock musical theatre with classical Shakespearean poetry) and the ebulliently joyful “Young Men.”

Accompaniment Track Unavailable / Sheet Music Unavailable

You need to get your drama instructor to request a perusal score from MTI to get access to these numbers. (Maybe that’s the reason why no one’s using these songs?)

LADIES: If you can get your hands on a Love Labour’s Lost score, there some great options for you too in there. Check out “Love’s a Gun” (which actually has sheet music available) and our personal favorite “Stop Your Heart.”

4. “A Hummingbird” (Fairy Tales)

I’m returning to Eric Lane Barnes’ Fairy Tales. Because there’s no way that anyone’s singing this song for auditions, and it’s the catch of the century. Like “The Ballad of Tammy Brown” on our list for young women, “A Hummingbird,” a ballad by a man watching his partner slowly waste away from disease, packs a gun-wrenching emotional punch. Try getting to the core of the song in the third verse (“But I need you to help me out here/ I don’t know how to let you go”) without grabbing at least one tissue. Written when AIDS was still ravaging the LGBTQ community, “A Hummingbird” reminds us of a time that we’re all glad has passed. “Hey, look! Is that a hummingbird?”

Accompaniment Track Unavailable / Sheet Music 

The website doesn’t have “A Hummingbird” listed, but Barnes would probably be able to send you the sheet music. Email him!

TIP: Don’t stop there though! Like “The Ballad of Tammy Brown,” coming up with an effective cutting of “A Hummingbird” may be a challenge. So also check out “Dear Dad” and the hilarious “The One I Love”, which is all about the “belle of the GOP” Rush Limbaugh. Still feels timely for some reason.

5. “My Father” (Academy)

“Hello, hello, my bright tomorrow!” This musical about prep school boys at a New England boarding school hits every chord that you’d expect, including a searing power-ballad inditement directed towards a distant father. The middle section of this song is one hell of a belter. If you ascribe to the notion that men can, indeed, belt. (I think anyone who’s ever heard Jeremy Jordan onstage would be hard-pressed to believe otherwise.)

Accompaniment Track Unavailable / Sheet Music

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