Three Kinds of Facebook Photos That Can Double as Headshots

Think you need to spend a small fortune getting your headshot professionally taken for your NTSA application? Your perfect headshot might already be waiting for you in your Facebook account. You might not even have to take out your iPhone!

1. The Selfie Headshot

“A selfie could never be a headshot!” you exclaim. “Lies,” we respond. Check out this selfie from longtime NTSA company member Kayleen Peña.

sample facebook headshot 2

The photo is well-lit, her face is clearly visible, and, overall, she looks great! While we probably wouldn’t use this selfie shot for a professional audition, we would definitely feel comfortable using it for summer training programs and high school/community theatre. Go through your Facebook photos and see if you have any selfies that fit these criteria. (Note: You want the photo to look as un-selfie as possible. Notice how Kayleen’s arm isn’t half-obstructing the shot, she doesn't have a "duck face" expression, and the camera isn’t being held at an especially unusual angle.)

2. The Event Headshot

You might find that your best headshots come from special events that you've attended. Check out this photo of Great Room Company co-founder (and NTSA alumni and current board member) Parade Stone.

sample facebook headshot 4

Again, Parade looks great here — possibly because she just finished performing at 54 Below! When you’re heading out to a special event, you’re wearing your most stylish clothes, and you’ve spent extra time on your hair and make-up. Could there be a better time to snap a headshot? Go through your Facebook photos (paying special attention to those homecoming, prom, and concert pics) and see if there are any special event shots that you could use. (Note: Make sure that you’re the only person in the photo! You may be able to crop out your friends, but make sure that it doesn’t look too obvious or awkward.)

3. The “Thanks, Friend!” Headshot

Your best bets are probably photos taken by your friends. Check out this photo of Great Room Company co-founder (and NTSA alumni) Jonathan Rodriguez.

sample facebook headshot 1

Jonathan looks fantastic in this photo — and all he had to do was stand up against a random wall on the street and let a friend take his picture. Maybe you already have a ton of these in your Facebook account. Login and check! If you don’t, grab your best friend, head outside (because natural light is always best for photography), and take about a hundred photos. You can delete 99.9% of them afterwards, so don’t worry about looking silly or making unattractive facial expressions or anything like that. Just have a good time! Do some cartwheels! Stop and smell the flowers! Wade in a nearby stream! Afterwards, pick out the five best ones and make your decision from there.

Don’t feel like your headshot needs to be one of those professional jobs that you see on Backstage. You can get accepted to NTSA using a bathroom selfie that you took this morning. See Jonathan’s incredible bathroom selfie (that we’d totally use as a headshot for this program) below:

sample facebook headshot 3

(Guys, it almost looks like a professional headshot! How is this possible?)

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Posted on Oct 25, 2017 in Auditions  

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