Three Reasons to Apply Early Decision

3 reasons early decision

So you’re procrastinating. You see the NTSA Early Decision deadline approaching on your calendar and just shrug: Why do I need to apply early decision anyway? I’ll just get my application in by the regular decision deadline. Hold it right there. We’re here to give you three very good reasons why applying early decision is the way to go.

1. You have a better chance of getting in.

You want to get into NTSA? Apply early decision. We always accept more company members from our early decision applicants than our regular decision applicants. In fact, some shows have been entirely cast using ONLY early decision applicants. If our creative team finds everything that they’re looking for in that first group, then we’ll just close the application process, and there won’t even be a regular decision deadline for that particular show. That means that you could miss out on the chance to audition for your dream show entirely. So if you have one specific show that you want to be a part of (or your school’s academic calendar or your family’s vacation plans mean that you can only participate in one particular show), you need to jump on your early decision application straight away.

2. You have a better chance of making an impression.

Maybe your show’s creative team doesn’t find everything that they’re looking for in that first group of applicants — but maybe they HAVE found someone who would work great for YOUR dream role. Even if you come in with a better audition, they’ve had three months to think of so-and-so as that character, to build their mental image of the production around so-and-so. It might not be enough to stop them from considering you, but it could be what tips their decision over the edge in her/his favor at in-person auditions on the first day of your program. If you want to be the clear favorite for a specific role, you should definitely apply early decision to make sure that you’re in the running from the very beginning.

3. You can start fundraising NOW.

NTSA charges a course fee to cover essential costs — like your accommodations and meals over the summer. If you think paying the course fee might be a challenge, you'll probably have to do some fundraising before your program's start date. (You can learn more about NTSA's financial aid department here.) Don’t worry! We provide you with a personal fundraising coach and access to weekly webinars to make sure that you have the knowledge, resources, and support that you’ll need to reach your goal. However, it’s much easier to get there if you have four months to fundraise as opposed to a couple of weeks!

BONUS: You get the official NTSA Early Decision T-Shirt if you’re accepted.

We can’t help it. We’re suckers for a good show shirt. If you apply early decision and get accepted, you’ll have the Early Decision T-Shirt waiting for you at registration. The only way you can get this shirt is by applying early decision; there’s no way to order it after the fact. Seriously. Offer us $500 for the Early Decision T-Shirt. We’ll say no. We mean it. You’ll pry that t-shirt from our cold dead hands.

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(The planner pictured at the beginning of this entry is Booked It and was designed specifically to help busy actors organize their lives. We love it!)

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