Why Western New York?: Four Reasons Why NTSA Loves this Region

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This year, NTSA decided to relocate our rehearsals to Western New York. Not only are we now able to work with more students than ever before (more space!), we also absolutely love the Western New York region — and it’s not because of the lake-effect snow. Check out our top four reasons why we’re feeling the Buffalove in 2018.

1. Culinary Capital

Did you know that National Geographic once ranked Buffalo, NY the #3 city for food in the world? Famous for being the birthplace of the chicken wing, people flock here from all over the world to try to answer that age-old question: “Does the Anchor Bar or Duff's have the best chicken wings?” While the chicken wing got its start at the Anchor Bar way back in 1964, many foodies (including President Obama) claim that you can’t beat the Duff’s sauce. But Western New York’s culinary excellence doesn’t end at the chicken wing. You can also find top-notch sponge candy at Fowler’s (like fudge but with a sugary-honeycomb center), beef on weck at Charlie the Butcher’s (a kaiser roll covered in caraway and pretzel salt, filled with roast beef), cup and char "Buffalo style" pepperoni on your pizzas, and some of the best charbroiled hot dogs in the world at Ted’s. Don’t forget to drop by adorable 1920s sweet shop Parkside Candy for a scoop of local Perry’s ice cream! While most of your meals at NTSA will be served in the dining halls, expect occasional delivery from some of Buffalo’s best restaurants!

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2. Right on the Border

Western New York is right on the border between the United States and Canada. Not only does this provide us with access to so many famous tourist attractions (Niagara Falls, anyone?), it also gives us some unbelievable options for midweek excursions. With a passport, you can travel across the border and spent a day at Niagara-on-the-Lake, called “the loveliest town in Ontario.” Niagara-on-the-Lake has historic restaurants (which create gourmet meals with fresh local ingredients), quaint English-style shops, and, most importantly, the world-renowned Shaw Festival. This remarkable theatre festival has been entertaining audiences since 1962 (and by “audiences” we mean folks like Queen Elizabeth II herself). You’ll also have the opportunity to head up to the Stratford Festival in Stratford, Ontario. Not only will you get a chance to enjoy the picturesque town of Stratford (on the Avon River), the Stratford Festival has transferred all kinds of shows and stars to Broadway — and it's apparent in everything they do.

3. Rust Belt to Renaissance

Buffalo is in the middle of a Renaissance right now. From Canalside (where you can play giant chess and checkers, go stand-up paddle-boarding, take a late-night yoga class, and pose with the iconic Sharkgirl) to Larkin Square (home of Food Truck Tuesdays), you’ll always find something to do on your day off. Not to mention checking out Buffalo mainstays like the modern masterpieces at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, the wide open spaces at Delaware Park (score peak hipster points by saying you went to a Frederick Law Olmsted park from before he designed Central Park in NYC), and the quirky and eclectic streets of Elmwood Village and the Allentown District. If you’re not heading to Southern Ontario for the day, expect to enjoy some of Buffalo proper! 

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4. One-of-a-Kind Theatre Scene

Maybe we’re biased — but, for us, the best part of Buffalo has always been its one-of-a-kind theatre scene. Where else are you going to find a city where the busiest street in downtown gets roped off so that the community can come together to sing, dance, and celebrate the official start of the theatre season? (We’re serious! It’s called Curtain Up! and it happens every September on Main Street!) Buffalo boasts a huge variety of theatre — including the annual Infringement Festival, which NTSA’s Dolls of New Albion will be a part of this season.

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