A Day in the Life of an NTSA Actor

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What does a day look like in the life of a typical NTSA actor? We’re breaking it down with two hypothetical students: Kara (a residential student in the devised production) and Kevin (a commuter student in the musical theatre production).

8:00 AM

Wake-up! Kara heads down to Wick Dining Room to start her day. There’s a full breakfast buffet with scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage, yogurt with fruit, toast and bagels, and cold cereals. While she eats a bowl of corn flakes (topped with banana!), she chats with her new friends from across the country.

9:00 AM

Kevin arrives on-campus ready to go! He joins the rest of the musical theatre ensemble in their rehearsal studio as they begin warm-ups. He’s led through a rigorous vocal, movement, and acting warm-up by the teaching staff. Kara, meanwhile, walks with the devising ensemble over to their rehearsal studio and immediately launches into some ensemble-building exercises as they get ready to start generating new material.

10:00 AM

Kevin transitions into dance rehearsal for “Voodoopunk.” He makes sure that his water bottle is full during his fifteen-minute breaks because he’s jumping, pivoting, and kick-ball-changing up a storm. Kara’s director gives them pages from Jane Goodall’s research journals and tells them to create a 1-2 minute transition inspired by her work. Kara and her group immediately start building a soundscape and movement sequence.

1:00 PM

Lunchtime! Kara grabs some chicken bruschetta in Wick Dining Room, while Kevin (who, as a commuter student, does not have a meal plan) buys a handcrafted burger with fries downstairs in The Den.

2:00 PM

Kevin’s back in the rehearsal studio working one-on-one with the music director to learn his solo number “Elysian Night.” Not only do they work on memorizing the vocals, they also focus on improving his high notes (his biggest challenge). The music director teaches him tons of tricks and drills for getting into his upper range. Meanwhile, Kara writes a monologue from the perspective of World War II political activist Sophie Scholl. She’s up in action a few minutes later, working with her small group to block her monologue and get it onstage.

6:00 PM

For dinner, Kara’s all about the macaroni and cheese in Wick Dining Room with a side order of pepperoni pizza! Kevin, meanwhile, munches on some snacks and spends his dinner break brushing up on his lines for tomorrow’s rehearsal.

7:00 PM

At the end of the day, Kevin and Kara both have workshops. Kara spends two hours in an audition prep master class where she workshops her monologues for next year’s unified auditions, while Kevin practices his circus skills in a tumbling workshop. He wants to add some special skills to his resume before arriving at college!

9:00 PM

Each of the ensembles gathers in their rehearsal studio for a company-wide meeting. Together, they reflect on what they accomplished that day and review what needs to happen tomorrow. Kevin and Kara make sure to jot down their notes, including any assignments that need to be completed that night.

9:30 PM

Kevin drives back home for the day. Kara, meanwhile, heads upstairs to her on-campus apartment. She and her roommates hang out in the apartment common room, chatting about their favorite new musicals. (Kara learns that she needs to check out Claudio Quest!)

10:30 PM

Curfew. All students need to be in their individual dorm rooms either working on an independent assignment or sleeping. After all, everyone needs to be well-rested for the following morning!

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