An Inside Look: Daemen College Housing

inside look daemen college housing

Wondering where you’ll be living this summer? Check out this tour of Daemen College’s Canavan Hall (for Session 1 students) and Campus Apartments (for Session 2 students) from their residential life department.

You can expect to either have a single room or share with 1-2 roommates. All of the rooms have ensuite bathrooms that are either shared by half of the apartment (in Campus Apartments) or by an adjoining dorm room (in Canavan Hall). There are sheets, pillows, and towels waiting for you on-campus, so no need to bring any along with you! There are also laundry facilities available on every floor, so you don’t have to overpack clothes for this summer. All NTSA students will have an hour of free time at the end of the day to either chill privately in their dorm rooms or socialize in the lounges.

Please note that NTSA does not allow roommate requests. One of the most important parts of NTSA’s mission is introducing you to new friends from across the country who you might work with again one day! Your roommate (or apartment-mates) will typically be someone of a similar age that you don’t know yet — but since most of your day will be spent in rehearsal, you’ll still be able to spend tons of time with any friends that you have in the production.

Since Daemen College is a small and private campus, no matter where you're living, you're only a short walk away from our rehearsal spaces in the nearby Wick Campus Center.

If you can picture yourself on campus with NTSA this summer, make sure to apply today!

Posted on Feb 24, 2018 in About NTSA  

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