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Just Ask Marlene (JAM) will be offering a special “No Bullying on Broadway” full scholarship for young actors and directors (ages 14-18) in partnership with the National Theatre for Student Artists. The scholarship includes your housing, meals, and tuition. (The winner will be responsible for providing her/his own transportation to the rehearsal site and back home from the performance.)

“With over 160,000 students skipping school every day for fear of being bullied, and given the mission of JAM, I feel a responsibility to help get the No Bullying message out there*. Using the JAM social media platform with over 50,000 in the network, JAM’s scholarship winner will carve out some time from rehearsals for his or her role as the No Bullying on Broadway social media correspondent relating an ongoing message of anti-bullying. It is a goal to use my voice of authority to help empower young people with an Anti-Bullying movement.” says Marlene Wallach, president of Wilhelmina Kids & Teens and Just Ask Marlene.

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Students with a passion for theatre! Applicants must be driven, focused, and enthusiastic with a commitment to making their schools a more inclusive and welcoming place.

• Students ages 14-18 with A GPA of 2.8 or greater

• Apply for their selected program on the NTSA website

• Make a video explaining one thing that you do to prevent bullying in your school

• Follow @justaskmarlene on Instagram


1. Follow @justaskmarlene on Instagram

2. Apply for your selected program on the NTSA website

3. Check "Just Ask Marlene (JAM)" for the question "How did you hear about NTSA?"

4. Link to a video explaining one thing that you do to prevent bullying in your school

The contest ends on Sunday, April 25, 2018 at 11:59 PM. The winner will be announced on April 30 on JAM's Instagram.

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