Curtain Up: What to Expect on the First Day of Your Session


Maybe this will be your first time living away from home. Or maybe you’re a seasoned vet from previous summer programs, but you’re nervous about NTSA’s first day schedule. Maybe you just do better when you know what to expect going into a situation. (That’s us too!) Well, we’re here to give you all of the information that you need to be prepared for NTSA's Opening Day.

Check-in starts at 9 AM and goes until 1 PM. (Commuter students should plan to arrive at 12:30 PM.) We’ll be greeting you in the lobby of Duns Scotus Hall. If you’re driving to NTSA with your family, you’re going to pull into the main entrance right off of Main Street and into the first parking lot that you see. Duns Scotus will be to your right and will have a giant rainbow pinwheel outside of the correct entrance.

Duns Scotus

If you’re flying into the airport alone (whoo-hoo!), you’ll just follow the signs towards baggage claim. The Buffalo-Niagara International Airport is just one giant hallway, so there’s no chance of you getting lost. An NTSA staff member will be waiting for you right beyond the security gate. Together, you’ll go and pick up any checked baggage. The staff member will then travel with you in a taxi to Daemen College. Advance warning: you may have to wait at the airport for another student’s flight to arrive; however, we’re sure that you’ll find tons to talk about with our staff member! We’ll send you your staff member’s contact information 24 hours in advance. We recommend that you program their number into your cell phone in case your flight is delayed, or you can’t find them at the airport.

You’ll check-in with a member of our administrative team who will give you the number of your dorm room, an ID lanyard for off-campus trips, and your key(s). Afterwards, you’ll have your health screening with our program LPN/EMT. During the screening, we’ll check to make sure that you’re healthy and ready-to-go. We’ll also verify all of the information on your health forms and check for any medical updates.

From there, you’ll head over to Canavan Hall (Session 1) or Campus Apartments (Session 2) where you’ll get settled into your dorm room. Your director will be hanging out in the dormitories, and you’ll have a chance to chat with him/her about your summer production. Every hour, starting at 9:30 AM, students and families will be able to go on a campus tour. All students are required to go on a campus tour during opening day. The tour will help make sure that you know where all of our rehearsal studios are on campus.

At 1 PM, families should be departing as students prepare for a rigorous first day of rehearsal! We’ll have a quick lunch in Wick Dining Hall (we’ve been prepping our favorite icebreaker questions for months!) and then a brief orientation. After that, we’ll jump right into some ensemble-building activities to get to know one another a bit better, as well as a vocal and movement warm-up.

At NTSA, we always endeavor to make auditions as stress-free as possible! Remember: whenever you go into an audition, the folks on the other side of the table (be they directors, casting directors, or agents) always want to see you succeed. So don’t worry if you’ve been on a flight since the wee hours of the morning or if you forgot your favorite pair of character shoes at home or if you need to start your scene over again. We’re on your team!

There will be a break in the audition process for dinner at 6 PM. You’ll return to your dorm rooms at 9 PM for some downtime before turning off the lights for some well-deserved sleep! (The cast list will be posted on Instagram @ntsatheatre by the time you wake up the following morning.)

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