New York Fashion Week: A Primer from Marlene Wallach (Wilhelmina Kids and Teens)

new york fashion week primer

Little known fact: NTSA Executive Director Victoria Chatfield used to work for Wilhelmina Kids and Teens, the agency that kickstarted the careers of Amanda Seyfried (Mean Girls), Ashley Tisdale (High School Musical), Peyton List (Jessie and Bunk’d), Hayden Panettiere (Nashville), and Academy Award winner Natalie Portman (Black Swan). Specifically, she gave advice to young women who wanted to become actors and models through the Just Ask Marlene (JAM) blog and webcasts.

Wilhelmina Kids and Teens President Marlene Wallach recently sent us a behind-the-scenes guide to New York Fashion Week, which is starting up later this week. There’s a lot of overlap between the fashion and entertainment industries; chances are if you work in film and television, you’ll end up hitting the catwalk or modeling for a fashion label at one point or another. (All of those actresses mentioned above? Definitely did print campaigns when they weren’t ripping up the silver screen. For companies like Limited Too and Justice. Trust us, it’s amazing the material you’ll cut your teeth on before you win that Tony [or Oscar or Emmy] Award.)

Check out Marlene’s guide to New York Fashion Week below and check out JAM, which is awesomely being resurrected! (We missed you, JAM!)

Posted on Feb 03, 2018 in After NTSA  

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