Top Five Items to Pack for NTSA

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Wondering what to pack for your NTSA program? We have the top five items that you want to have in your luggage for opening day! (These can all be found on the packing list in the Parent-Student Handbook, which can be downloaded on the Parents section of our website.) Make sure that you’re only bringing one duffle bag and one backpack to NTSA. No hard trucks or footlockers allowed!

1. Character Shoes

You want to make sure that you bring a pair of black character shoes for your final performance. Whatever you already have at home works! However, if you’re looking to buy a new pair, we recommend 2”-3” heels for women’s shoes. La Duca manufactures the gold standard for character shoes; you’ll see them on every Broadway stage! However, you can also find solid character shoes at budget prices from Capezio or Bloch.

2. Three-Ring Binder

Make sure to bring a three-ring binder! You’re going to need it for your script on the first day of rehearsal. We recommend bringing a 2” binder for your libretto and sheet music. You also want to bring a one-subject notebook for assignments from your director.

3. Water Bottle

There’s nothing more essential for rehearsal than a water bottle! Make sure that you label yours with a permanent marker, especially if you have a plain solid-colored water bottle. They all look the same on the sidelines of a busy rehearsal studio! There will be breaks every hour for you to refill your water bottle, and, believe us, you’re going to need that extra hydration during dance rehearsal! (The water bottles featured in this blog post are from BKR.)

4. Highlighters

Make sure that you have plenty of pencils, erasers, and highlighters to mark up your script. You might also want to toss in some Post-It notes to bookmark certain pages that you need to work on and to mark the beginning of every scene that you appear in. (You always want to be able to find your place in the script quickly!) Remember: You never want to mark up your script in pen!

5. Make-Up Kit

You can find everything that you need for your make-up kit at your local drug store like Rite Aid or Walgreens. You definitely don’t need to invest in a theatrical make-up kit if you don’t want to. (However, if you’re going to, we’d recommend the Ben Nye Personal Student Kit or the Mehron Mini-Pro Makeup Student Kit.) You want to bring foundation (cream or liquid, water-resistant, full coverage), translucent setting powder, triangle-shaped makeup sponges, dark brown or black eyeliner pencil, blush (cream or powder), a blush brush, neutral lipstick or lip color, a matte three-color eyeshadow palette (light, medium, and dark), and dark brown or black mascara. Always stick with neutral and natural colors like browns, creams, and tans!

BONUS: Personal Desk Fan (Session 1 Only)

If you’re coming to NTSA for Session 1 (Loserville), you might want to bring a personal desk fan since Canavan Hall does not have air conditioning. You can grab a solid one for under $15 on Amazon.

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