Why Student-to-Staff Ratio Matters

student to staff ratio matters

If you’ve been searching for a pre-professional summer training program, you may have seen some impressive student-to-staff ratios like 2:1. Two students for every one staff member? That means that you’ll be getting unbelievable one-on-one training all summer long, right? Unfortunately, student-to-staff ratios can be misleading. Many summer programs include their non-teaching staff in that ratio — like administrative staff, health care staff, and kitchen and janitorial staff. While all of these folks are instrumental in building a smoothly-running summer program, they aren’t necessarily the ones helping you fine-tune your vocal performance skills.

So how does NTSA calculate student-to-staff ratio? We only look at the instructors who will be teaching you in the rehearsal studio every day: directors, choreographers, music directors, and acting coaches. We guarantee a 4:1 student-to-staff ratio, meaning that you’ll be receiving the individualized attention that you need to boost your skills to the next level. (Compare to the American Camp Association, which only requires that summer programs have a 10:1 ratio for students over age 15.)

Why are we committed to such a low student-to-instructional staff ratio? Because at NTSA, our primary goal is to help you become a better performer (or stage manager or director or musician, etc.) — both to guarantee that the shows we’re producing are always top-notch and to help you progress in your theatre arts career. Whether that means getting accepted into a selective BFA programs (like our alumni who’ve enrolled at Carnegie Mellon University, Northwestern University, Emerson College, New York University, and SUNY Purchase, amongst many other prestigious colleges and universities); securing your next role in a national tour or off-Broadway production; or even starting your own theatre company, NTSA and our staff members will be there for you along the way!

And for parents: It goes without saying that with our low student-to-staff ratio, your student will be safe, secure, and well-supervised all summer long. Keep in mind that we’re not even including our administrative staff in those numbers! All of our staff members have (at the minimum) BA/BFA degrees with a substantial amount of professional theatre experience. We want to make sure that you can feel confident dropping off your student at NTSA (and that you, as a hard-working parent, get some time to kick back and relax as well this summer!).

Posted on Jan 26, 2018 in About NTSA  

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