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If you believe that high school and college students can create professional-quality productions, if you refuse to settle for anything less than each student's personal best, and if you want to make groundbreaking theatre this summer, then you should consider joining NTSA’s Creative Team. At NTSA, we believe in having high expectations for our students and providing them with the training, resources, and support that they need to meet those expectations. You’ll work alongside a committed group of theatre professionals and educators in a program that “[gives] life to the future of the American theatre”, in the words of former NTSA composer, Noah Haines (NTSA 2014).



Theatre Professionals, High School and College Drama Instructors

Do you have what it takes to lead an NTSA production? As one of our Directors, you’ll be at the center of a team of passionate, energetic, and unbelievably talented students and adults. Being a Director means putting your team’s needs first — pushing your students so that they can make breakthroughs onstage, while making sure that they always feel safe and supported; staying upbeat and positive when there are technical setbacks, and students feel overwhelmed; and maintaining high expectations to ensure that students (and adults) are working to their highest potential. We’re looking for theatre professionals and high school/college drama instructors with cutting-edge artistic visions for our summer productions.

Choreographers and Music Directors

Theatre Professionals, High School and College Music and Dance Instructors

Do you want to spend this summer working on dynamic regional or world premiere musical theatre productions? Consider joining our team as either a Choreographer or a Music Director. You’ll work with an enthusiastic ensemble in both whole-class and small-group settings. (As a Music Director, you’ll be working with both our student actors and our student musicians.) We’re looking for theatre professionals and high school/college music and dance instructors with expertise in a variety of different styles.

Theatre Instructor: Design/Technical Theatre

High School Drama Instructors, Graduate (and Advanced Undergraduate) Students

Lead a team of top-notch design and technical theatre students this summer as they create and modify sets, costumes, lighting, sound, props and puppets, hair and make-up, and projections for full-scale summer productions. Successful candidates must have a strong technical theatre background, be comfortable guiding students in the shop, and be able to maintain high safety standards. You’ll collaborate with a team of off-site design mentors and crafts-based workshop facilitators to make sure that each student has the specialty training that she/he needs to be successful.

Theatre Instructor: Acting/Vocal/ Movement Coach

High School Drama Instructors, Graduate (and Advanced Undergraduate) Students

Sometimes, our students need an extra “bump” to take their performances from good to oh-my-god. Our coaches provide that “bump” by leading targeted skills-based workshops, facilitating small-group work, and providing one-on-one coaching. If you have a talent for bringing the best out of performers, consider joining the NTSA Creative Team as one of our acting, vocal, or movement coaches.

Theatre Instructor: Directors Studio

High School Drama Instructors, Graduate (and Advanced Undergraduate) Students

Our Directors Studio Instructor teaches a daily three-hour seminar to high school students who are just beginning to explore their interest in directing. You’ll be responsible for showing them the ropes — script selection and analysis, directing vocabulary (objectives, obstacles, tactics, beats and actions, etc.), table work and blocking, managing the rehearsal room, etc. Our Directors Studio Instructor will also be responsible for teaching acting workshops and/or supervising work time in the technical theatre shop.

Off-Site Mentors

Theatre Professionals

Want to be a part of NTSA’s Creative Team but can’t commit to living on-site this summer? Our off-site mentors work one-on-one with student designers and stage managers (as well as their assistants) via online platforms — providing feedback on renderings, offering construction advice, and reviewing paperwork requirements. You’re an invaluable resource for your students, providing them with the know-how that they’ll need to successfully design and stage manage a full-scale production this summer.

Support Team

Registered Physician, Nurse RN/LPN, or EMT

Help provide our students with the compassionate care that they need to be successful — both inside the rehearsal studio and during their off-hours. Our Program Physician/Nurse is responsible for administering students’ prescription medications, assessing and treating minor illnesses and injuries, maintaining health logs, stocking the health center, escorting students to urgent care if necessary, and providing guidance to Creative Team members in regards to illness and injury prevention during orientations. The Program Physician/Nurse will live on-campus.


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Where is NTSA located?

NTSA is located at Daemen College in Western New York. Buffalo, the second-largest city in New York, is the central hub of the Western New York region. You might know Buffalo as the home of the chicken wing or the snow capital of America. However, Buffalo also has a rich cultural history and a vibrant arts scene. Spend your free time perusing the world-class contemporary Albright-Knox Art Gallery, sightseeing Niagara Falls from the famous Maid of the Mist (or crossing the border and playing arcade games in Clifton Hill), grabbing a bite at Larkinville’s Food Truck Tuesdays and then renting a paddle boat down at Canalside, or enjoying the nightlife in the Allentown District.

Where do NTSA staff members come from?

While NTSA exclusively works with students from the United States, we hire both national and international staff members. This provides our students with a wealth of opportunities to learn different techniques, especially in areas like devised theatre. We primarily hire theatre professionals, high school and college instructors, graduate students, and advanced undergraduate students (juniors and seniors).

What are NTSA's students like?

NTSA’s students come from all across the nation. They’re usually students who are committed to working in theatre at the professional level; many of them go on to attend top-tier conservatories like Carnegie Mellon University, Northwestern University, Boston University, New York University, Emerson College, SUNY Purchase, and Pace University. You can find out more about our students in the Alumni section.

What are the dates of employment?

The dates of employment depend on which production you’re working on. Loserville staff will be on-campus from June 15 until July 8. The Dolls of New Albion staff will be on-campus from July 7 until July 30. Untitled [Devised] staff will be on-campus from July 7 until July 30.

The Program Physician/Nurse will be on-campus throughout the entire summer (from June 15 until July 30).

What is the salary?

Salary for Directors, Choreographers, and Music Directors starts at $1,250 per three-week session. Salary for Theatre Instructors starts at $1,000 per session (with the exception of $1,750 per session for Theatre Instructor: Design/Technical Theatre). Salary for Program Nurse is competitive and commensurate with experience. All staff members receive free accommodations and meals, as well as a travel stipend. Staff members will be paid 25% of their salary at the end of their first week, 25% at the end of their second week, and the remaining 50% upon program completion.

How do staff members get to and from the campus?

Staff members make their own travel arrangements; however, all staff members receive a travel stipend. The amount of the travel stipend depends on where you’re located. NTSA will arrange for staff members to be picked up from or dropped off at the airport.

Do NTSA staff members have any pre-program responsibilities?

All staff members are expected to participate in a brief online introductory course and arrive one day before rehearsals begin for on-site orientation. Due to the selective nature of NTSA’s program, Creative Team members will be expected to complete some work before arriving on campus, including (but not limited to) selecting their cast members (through video auditions) and meeting with both adult and student team members (ex. assistant directors) via online platforms. All staff members are also expected to be both Adult CPR and First Aid certified by the American Red Cross or American Heart Association. The certifications usually cost around $40 (through the American Heart Association) or $90 (through the American Red Cross).

What about NTSA staff member accommodations?

Staff members live in campus dormitories or apartments and either have their own room or (occasionally for undergraduate staff) share with one roommate. All staff member rooms are on the same single-sex floors as the students, and meals are served in the dining hall at the same time as the students. Staff members have limited supervisory duties, such as monitoring the hallway one night each week until 12:30 AM. Remember that while we have high expectations for our students, they are still students who are learning and growing; sometimes, they’ll have needs (like anxiety, social issues, homesickness, etc.) that need to be dealt with outside of our regular work hours.

What are the work hours like? Do NTSA staff members receive time off?

Our Creative Team members start work at 9 AM and finish up around 9:30 PM. You can expect at least two free hours every day, in addition to hour-long meals times. Creative Team members also receive two full days off per session. On their days off, Creative Team members have the option of traveling to Southern Ontario if there are seats available on the midweek excursion charter bus, exploring Western New York’s vibrant and eclectic communities (like Allentown, Elmwood, and Canalside), or getting some R&R on-campus. Western New York has affordable public transportation options via the NFTA-Metro system.

What about NTSA staff members working on Off-Broadway productions?

Creative Team members working on Off-Broadway productions will receive free transportation to New York City, as well as accommodations and meals. (Accommodations are two staff members per hotel room.) Instead of returning to campus, they will travel home from New York City after all students have safely departed.

What does the application process entail? Are there any deadlines?

After you submit your application form, we’ll contact you via email with any questions that we may have and/or to arrange a Skype interview if we’re interested in having you join our team. We may also ask to see additional supporting materials. Please make sure that you list all theatre-based skills that you may have on your resume. We're interested in hiring team members who can teach a variety of workshops (audition prep, make-up for actors, stage combat, basic puppeteering, etc.). 2018 Applications are closed.