If you’ve ever dreamed of performing on an off-Broadway stage (like this season’s Theatre at St. Peter’s, the incubator for shows like Avenue Q) or reading a review of your current production in the newspaper, then you’re a perfect fit for the NTSA Actors Program. Our students spend three weeks rehearsing a regional or world premiere production with professional theatre practitioners before either traveling to New York City and performing a special one-night engagement (for our Off-Broadway Companies) or launching into a local extended performance run (for our Regional Company).

NOTE: NTSA’s Regional Company develops cutting-edge productions locally with the aim of presenting them at curated festivals and theatres in subsequent years. If your Regional Company production gets picked up for presentation in a future season, you will automatically be invited back to reprise your performance (upon satisfactory completion of the course). 

In the NTSA Directors Program, you’ll have the opportunity to improve your skills, refine your artistic vision, and get hands-on experience on an off-Broadway or regional production. In our Directors Studio Program, beginner students receive three hours of directing instruction every day in addition to working alongside one of our assistant directors in the rehearsal studio. In our Assistant Director Program, advanced students direct scenes and musical numbers in our off-Broadway and regional productions under the mentorship of an experienced director. 

While Directors Studio participants don’t need to have any previous experience in directing, NTSA Assistant Directors need to have demonstrated a commitment to someday directing at the professional level (through academic coursework or previous experience). Students will leave the program with video footage of their work for their portfolios. Previous NTSA student directors have gone on to start their own off-Broadway theatre companies, create work for prestigious New York City residency programs (like HERE Arts Center’s SubletSeries and Abrons Arts Center’s AIRspace Program), and be hired by NTSA in subsequent years. Both the Assistant Directors and Directors Studio Programs are open to emerging directors, music directors, and choreographers.

NOTE: Assistant Directors are eligible to go on midweek trips for free and participate in all activities (free tickets to performances, free workshops, etc.) in a supervisory capacity. 

The NTSA Designers Program provides unparalleled opportunities for students who are ready to fully design productions in professional regional and off-Broadway theatres. Students work under the guidance of an experienced mentor to design and create sets, costumes, lighting, sound, props and puppets, hair and make-up, and projections for our productions. Since all of NTSA’s shows are built to be touring productions, students are able to learn an entirely new skill set as they create designs that fit in a box truck — or, in some cases, in checked luggage. NTSA Designers need to have demonstrated a commitment to someday designing at the professional level (through academic coursework or previous experience); however, students who do not have any previous design experience can apply as NTSA Assistant Designers. Students will leave the program with photographs of their work for their portfolios.

NOTE: All students accepted into the design program also participate in technical theatre workshops and hands-on construction sessions.

At NTSA, our musicians are an integral part of the action. All of our musicians play as part of an onstage band in contemporary musical theatre productions. Working as part of a musical theatre band makes a fantastic (and marketable) addition to any young musician’s resume — building sight-reading skills, flexibility in adapting to last-minute changes, and solo skills (as students will frequently be the only one playing their part, unlike in their school band or orchestra). Plus, nothing beats the first sitzprobe on any of our productions! Students have the opportunity to not only work alongside experienced music directors but also award-winning composers. 

NOTE: The NTSA Musicians Program runs one week for Off-Broadway Companies and two weeks for Regional Companies.

The NTSA Producing Fellowship was created for students who are interested in learning more about the day-to-day operations of a theatre company — including, but not limited to, marketing and public relations, donor management, staff training and support, and production/company management. Not only do fellows receive real-world work experience, under the guidance of NTSA’s Executive Director, they also will participate in weekly one-on-one Skype sessions with theatre producers and managers from across the globe. Students selected for the NTSA Producing Fellowship receive free accommodations and meals throughout the summer, as well as a $100 weekly stipend. Students must be currently enrolled in college (either at the undergraduate or graduate level) to be eligible for the NTSA Producing Fellowship. 

Students in the NTSA Stage Management Program are completely in charge of our productions. While they receive mentorship from experienced professionals, these students are responsible for completing all of the paperwork, running production meetings, managing rehearsals, and calling a full-scale show in an off-Broadway or regional theatre. NTSA Stage Managers need to have demonstrated a commitment to someday stage managing at the professional level (through academic coursework or previous experience); however, students who do not have any previous stage management experience can apply as NTSA Assistant Stage Managers. More than one stage manager may be assigned to each production due to the intensity of the rehearsal/production schedule on NTSA shows.