Five Reasons Why You Should Choose NTSA Over Summer Camps

5 reasons over summer camp

Summer camp. Waterskiing on Lake Chippewa. Roasting s’mores over the campfire. Knotting about a hundred friendship bracelets. And putting on full-scale musical theatre productions. There are so many summer camps that provide the best of both worlds — a traditional campground experience mixed with intense performing arts training. Why would you choose NTSA over one of these options?

1. We work hard to be affordable.

Let’s get the nitty-gritty out of the way first: NTSA’s programs are more affordable than many of our major summer camp competitors. We also provide exceptional support when it comes to raising your course fee. Each student has regularly-scheduled meetings with a personal fundraising coach, as well as access to weekly fundraising webinars. We offer a referral service where thirteen enrolled friends will score you a free program at NTSA, and we also provide barter opportunities for parents who want to donate their expertise in exchange for course fee discounts. And if you’re still struggling to come up with the course fee, there’s always the NTSA Scholarship Fund. As a nonprofit organization, our goal is to make NTSA affordable for every family in the United States — including yours.

2. We perform in professional theatres.

Some summer camps have state-of-the-art complexes where students have the opportunity to work with the latest in stagecraft technology. We don’t have those. Our students perform in professional theatres — both regionally and off-Broadway. Not only do these credits generally look more impressive on resumes, we’ve also discovered that most students, when they graduate from college, don’t go on to work in state-of-the-art complexes. Even the most successful ones usually get their start working in 99-seat playhouses in New York City, which have limited stage (and backstage) space and challenging technical restrictions. We make every effort to simulate the actual post-grad working environment as closely as possible, preparing our students for early successes in a highly-competitive industry.

3. We stage world and regional premiere productions.

You're probably not going to perform a show at NTSA that you could at your local high school or performing arts summer camp. We almost exclusively focus on world and regional premiere productions, which means that (in many cases) you'll be connecting with emerging playwrights and composers before they get their big breaks. (And many of our playwrights are already on the path to success, having scored prestigious residencies off-Broadway and across the United States!) We also spend a lot of time thinking about what happens to each specific show after the summer ends. For instance, we invite reviewers to all of our regional productions to help assess if a show could potentially transfer to a larger venue, an international festival, or a curated residency after closing night.

4. We’re a selective ensemble.

Almost all summer camps accept every student who applies. While we value theatre programs that promote inclusivity, NTSA has always been a selective ensemble for students looking for a “professional home.” When you’re selected to NTSA, you know that you’re joining an elite few — many of whom have already launched professional careers in the New York City theatre industry. Everyone, from our leading actors to our assistant stage managers, is selected with the utmost care by their creative team and the NTSA administrative staff.

5. We’re located on a college campus.

There’s something to be said for campfire and kayaking. But with our campus location at Daemen College, NTSA helps you get the best of both worlds — a summer camp and a traditional pre-college program. At NTSA, you’re not going to be sharing a cabin with eight other drama students; you’ll be staying in dorms with private bathrooms between adjoining rooms. (When we toured the campus for the first time, we indignantly exclaimed: “How come we didn’t get dorm rooms like this in college?!”) And since we’re not out in the middle of the wilderness, there are plenty of opportunities for midweek excursions in both Western New York and Southern Ontario.

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