How Theatre Has Changed My Life: Essay Writing Prompts

As a college student, have you written an essay on theatre experience? If yes, you can read through this guide and sharpen your skills when you need to write another paper of the same category. Still, if you are a student but haven’t done any essay relating to theatre prompts, then this is your perfect chance to get the best tips so that when the time to write such a paper comes, you already know how to go about it.

How Theatre Changed My Life essay guide

Supposed you get a topic on how theatre changed my life, there are several aspects you should consider to ensure you stay in the right direction and come up with relevant points. Think of the following before you proceed.

First, analyze what is theatre to you

Of course, you cannot start writing on something you don’t have a clear and personal understanding of it. Maybe you have heard about theatres on different occasions. What exactly doe the statement means to you? Revise some materials, talk to your tutor or other students and see what they understand by theatre. Is it something you can relate to? Once you are sure of the understanding, then you can move on.

The topic

After you have a good understanding of theatre in your life, now, think of the best topic. While choosing the subject, you need to consider the following:

  • The level of understanding: how well do you understand the topic? Can you relate it to real-world experiences?
  • Uniqueness: we have several topics under the same theme. You need to find a unique topic that isn’t copied from other sources. Try and be unique as possible. Think of an idea like: What does theatre means to me?
  • Ease of research: Oon your essay on the theatre experience topic, can you gather enough materials to get unique content from? You must be sure of where you will get your points from before you begin writing. This is to avoid getting stuck in the middle of the paper when you have exploited all content. You can even pick a topic such as an essay on why I love theatre, especially if you have been in the real theatric world.

When you answer the questions such as what does theatre mean to you? Move on with your writing because you have understood the topic personally and not as per other people’s perspectives.

The words choice

After you are through with your topic, make a rough outline of the wordings you will use as you write your essay. These words in the rough outline will guide you in the right direction to follow and help you put your points in an organized manner.

Ask yourself how theatre changed my life – Here, you need to highlight the impact theatre has brought on our life. Write about the skills you have learned in theatre and all other benefits. Also, ask yourself if the theatre has changed my life negatively. Once you can figure out both the positive and negative aspects of theatre experience in your life, highlight them as you explain clearly for the reader to understand better. Start with the positive aspects, then explain the negative aspects. This way, the structure of your essay will be clear, and the reader can easily flow with your content.


When you need to write an essay on a theatric theme, especially when discussing your personal life, you must highlight the above points. Have an understanding of what a theatre is at a personal level, what does theatre mean to you, and other related questions that touch your real-life experience with theatre. The bottom line is to create unique content to achieve the desired goal.

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