Four Reasons to Join the NTSA Regional Production

4 reasons to join regional production

One of NTSA’s defining features is our off-Broadway productions. We get it. It’s the very first thing we mention when we start talking to prospective applicants at high school theatre festivals. We provide an opportunity for students to stage pre-professional work in the Theatre Capital of America . . . So why would anyone choose to apply for the NTSA regional production? You don’t get to travel to New York City. You don’t get an off-Broadway credit on your resume. Erm, what’s the upside here? Answer: Way more than you might think.

1. Regional shows have a longer production run . . .

Our Off-Broadway Companies have limited one-night engagements; our Regional Companies have full two-week production runs. There are tons of benefits to performing a show more than once in front of an audience. A longer production run allows you to learn from and respond to audience reactions. Will a specific joke get a laugh? Will a pivotal scene tug at the heartstrings? You can never really know until you’re in front of an audience. At NTSA’s Regional Company, we continue rehearsals after opening night, tweaking certain moments and completely re-working others. Also, while one-and-done special events are common in cities like New York (especially with the rise of popular concert venues like Joe’s Pub and 54 Below), most of your future acting experiences will probably be in productions that last for weeks . . . or months . . . or even years!

2. Which means a better chance of getting reviews . . .

Another advantage of a longer production run is that it gives reviewers the opportunity to come out and critique your work. Reviews are always useful because they provide an outside opinion from an experienced theatre-goer. Sometimes, a review is positive, which can be a meaningful affirmation that what you’re doing is indeed working! However, a negative review can be just as valuable, providing you with the nudge that you might need to try something completely different (and possibly outside of your comfort zone). However, reviews aren’t just valuable because they can help you improve your own performance; reviews can also be integral to the overall development of a production . . .

3. Which could mean an even bigger and better theatre . . .

Our Regional Company productions are often brand-new works that we’re testing out for longer production runs. Booking a two-week run in a city like Chicago, Los Angeles, or New York City can be unbelievably expensive, so you want to make sure that you have the right material before you sign that rental agreement. Our Regional Company productions help us determine what that “right material” might be. If the production scores positive reviews and seems to resonate well with audiences, then there’s a good chance that we’ll end up taking that show on the road during a future season. Students who were part of the Regional Company production are always invited back to reprise their role in future seasons. So don’t worry that you’ll play the leading role in Western New York, and then someone else will be re-cast in your role if the show transfers off-Broadway. As long as you successfully complete the program*, you’ll always be invited back!

4. Or other (even more exciting) opportunities.

We don’t just consider transferring our productions to theatres in larger cities. We also think about other opportunities like regional tours or international arts festivals. So, yes, joining one of our Off-Broadway Companies doesn't guarantee that you’ll get that off-Broadway credit on your resume — but joining one of our Regional Companies could just be the first step on a larger journey.

* We do require that students successfully complete the program to be invited back. In order to successfully complete the program, you need to meet artistic and behavioral standards set forth by NTSA and your specific production team. If you’re in danger of not successfully completing the program, you will be notified by the end of the first week and put on an immediate improvement plan (which will include regular one-on-one coaching sessions). You will be continually updated on your progress as the summer continues. Our goal is always to have 100% of our students successfully complete their program.

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