Our Five Favorite Audition Songs For Female-Identifying People

5 favorite audition songs women

You’re sitting in the hallway outside the audition room and all of a sudden, you hear it. The BFA candidate inside . . . is singing your audition song. While it’s not the worst thing that could happen, you do worry about the judging panel comparing you to Whatsername. So we’ve come up with a list of the five songs that we wish we heard more often in auditions. Sing on!

1. “A Quiet Night at Home” (Bare: A Pop Opera)

You’re a musical theatre actress on the curvaceous side. You’ve exhausted all of your options from Hairspray and Dogfight. Meet your new favorite audition song. The writers cut this song from the Bare score for the 2007 Off-Broadway musical; however, followers of the original 2004 pop opera version know that this was the best song in the entire show. "Big Girl," you break our heart every single time.

Accompaniment Track / Sheet Music

2. “The Littlest”

“The Littlest” has some beautifully heartfelt moments — but also gives you an opportunity to show off your comedic side. Jonathan Larson Award winner Sam Salmond has written tons of quirky standalone character numbers that aren’t overdone yet. (Sorry, Joe Iconis’ “Blue Hair.”) And so many of his songs resonate strongly with high school and college students who are just striking out on their own. If you’re not familiar with his work, we highly recommend checking out what he has to offer, like "Second Best."

Accompaniment Track Unavailable / Sheet Music

GENTLEMEN: Sam Salmond has plenty of audition songs for you too — especially if you’re looking for a comedic track. (But make sure to check out the stirringly beautiful “Why Do I?” as well.)

3. “Two Strangers” (Tales from the Bad Years)

Kerrigan-Lowdermilk are longtime audition staples — but we can’t help wondering why some of their songs are overplayed (like “Run Away with Me” and “How to Return Home”), while others like “Two Strangers” rarely find their way into an audition studio. Is it because it was performed by an all-male trio on the My First Mistake album? Whatever the case, “Two Strangers” is one of our favorites for a female soloist, especially one who can really belt out those high notes at the end.

Accompaniment Track / Sheet Music

4. “The Ballad of Tammy Brown” (Fairy Tales)

The original cast recording from Eric Lane Barnes’ Fairy Tales is a genuine delight; unfortunately, it’s been out-of-print for quite a few years. (We uploaded our old copy to YouTube for reference purposes.) On the bright side, this basically guarantees that no one else will be singing the same song as you at auditions. “The Ballad of Tammy Brown,” which features a young woman recounting a time when she betrayed her closest friend in middle school, succumbing to peer pressure, is one of the most poignant numbers on the album. We've never been able to sing this ballad the whole way through without sobbing on the last few lines. (It might be tricky to do a cutting of this [rather lengthy] song though. Also look at “The Gay Guys” for classic mid-'90s comic relief.)

Accompaniment Track Unavailable / Sheet Music

The sheet music is available for choral SSA, but Eric Lane Barnes would probably be able to send it to you as a solo for auditions. Email him!

5. “Flowers (Eurydice’s Song)” (Hadestown)

You would need to take the Hadestown MP3s and then use audio cancelling on Audacity to create accompaniment tracks for any of the songs from this production. And for piano sheet music, you might need to hire a transcription service like SaveMyAudition.com. But it would be well worth the effort. We’ve been in love with this musical ever since the folk concept album was first released in 2010. While “Flowers (Eurydice’s Song)” isn’t our favorite song on the album (that honor goes to the appropriately-titled group number “Epic [Part II]”), this song is our top-pick for auditions. Although you may also want to consider checking out the chanteuse-style “Our Lady of the Underground.”

Accompaniment Track Unavailable / Sheet Music (Guitar Only)

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