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ntsa referral program

Perhaps the best (and easiest) way to pay your course fee is through the NTSA Referral Program. If you can get thirteen of your most talented friends to audition for and enroll in NTSA programs, then you can attend your own program for free. You can learn more about our referral program in the video below.

So how do you convince your friends to apply for NTSA this summer?

1. Make announcements about NTSA at school.

Does your school have weekly Thespian Society or Drama Club meetings? Do you have rehearsal every day after school? Is there a monthly PTA meeting for parents? Ask if you can make an announcement at the next one, and tell all of the attendees about NTSA! We’ve even created a flyer (in #2) that you can distribute. We know that getting up in front of a crowd of parents can be nerve-wracking (to say the least), but we’ve had a ton of luck in the past with PTA meetings, especially if there are any parent associations focused on the drama department (like the Drama Booster Club). Make sure to thank whoever scheduled your speaking time (i.e. the Thespian Society Director, the Booster Club Coordinator, etc.) afterwards!

Bonus Tip: Remember that the drama department isn’t the only place for finding students who might be interested in NTSA. We’ve run recruitment events with visual art and fashion design clubs, show choirs and dance troupes, and school bands and orchestras. Think outside-the-box when it comes to who might make a good NTSA applicant.

2. Hang up (or hand out) flyers.

We’ve created flyers that you can hang up around your school or pass out to your fellow thespians. (Just remember to write your name in the white box!) You can also make a bunch of black-and-white copies at your local Staples and pass them out to students who you think might be interested. You may even want to pass them out to teachers and students at local theatre-related events!

Color Version | Black and White Version

3. Send out the social media reminders.

You want to use this strategy in combination with the other ones listed above. Sometimes, your friends really intend on doing something (like applying to a summer program), and they keep saying they’ll get around to it — but the next thing you know, the deadline’s passed, and the program’s completely full. So don’t skimp on the social media reminders. Post some of the reminder graphics below and tag all of your friends who you think would be interested. Also: Encourage any friends who are interested to add us on Instagram and Facebook. We’ll keep the reminders coming as well!

Regular Decision Deadline 3 Regram Regular Decision Deadline 4 Regram Regular Decision Deadline 1 Regram Regular Decision Deadline 2 Regram

4. Host an NTSA info session at home.

Invite all of your friends over for an NTSA Info Session. Email Executive Director Victoria Chatfield ( and tell her the date/time of your event. Not only will we send you all kinds of event planning materials, we can also make sure that a representative from NTSA is available to answer all of your friends’ questions via Skype and even provide some exclusive tips for how to ace your application materials. We can even schedule an opportunity for you and your friends to chat via Skype with an NTSA alumnus/alumna and learn first-hand about the NTSA experience!

* Remember: Referral credits are given only for students who haven’t previously participated in an NTSA program and who don’t have any other family members currently enrolled in an NTSA program.

Posted on Feb 20, 2018 in Financial Aid  

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