Bad Case of Stage Fright?: Try a Duet (or Group) Video Audition

duet video audition

Are you struggling to complete the video audition section of the NTSA application? You might want to consider doing a duet video audition.

What’s a duet video audition?

A duet video audition is exactly what it sounds like. You get together with your best friend (or even best friends — no more than four in an audition group please) and you record your video audition together.

Why use a duet video audition?

Because we know how nerve-wracking submitting a video audition can be. But we also know that there’s nothing more fun than getting together with your best friends and singing showtunes. So why not take the stress out of the audition process and turn it into a Saturday night social instead? Pick out your song together, rehearse together, and then film and upload together. Or if you’re all currently appearing together in your school musical, it’s easy to sing one of the songs that you’ve already all learned together! (Pssst! You can even bring your cell phone into rehearsal and film a run-through of a musical number. You can do that for a solo video audition as well!)

How do you make one?

There are some rules for the duet (or group) video audition that are different from the solo video audition:

1. As previously mentioned, no more than four students in an audition group.

2. Each student must sing at least one solo verse (at least 16 bars of material).

3. You must perform the entire song together.

But will this count against me?

Not at all! There are some students who might especially want to consider submitting a group video audition:

1. You’re really incredible on vocal parts. We’re looking at you, altos! We spent our high school musical theatre careers standing next to the strongest alto in the group, just in case we lost the notes on our vocal part. Are you that strongest alto? If so, we’d love to hear you tackling that challenging arrangement. No need to sing “The Alto’s Lament” here; we value your musical aptitude!

2. You’re a stronger actor than a singer. Doing a duet (or group) video audition allows you to really showcase your acting chops. It’s like the difference between performing a monologue and doing scene-work. You’re usually going to get a stronger performance from the later because you have someone who will respond to what you’re saying and doing. So if you want to audition for an NTSA musical theatre program but know that straight dramas are your forte, then the duet video audition might be for you!

3. You want to perform with your friends this summer. Duet (or group) video auditions let us see the chemistry that exists between group members. So if you want to get cast in an NTSA program with your friends, then a duet video audition might be the way to go! Your director will be able to see how well you play off of one another onstage, which might be the difference between “you’ve both got it!” and “better luck next year.”

Can my friend use it too?

YES! Anyone involved in the duet (or group) video audition can use the footage for their NTSA application. Just upload the footage to Vimeo or YouTube and have everyone type the same web address into their application form.

I can save MONEY doing a duet video audition?

Wait, what?! Yes, you can save money doing a duet video audition. If you convince your friend(s) to apply to NTSA and list you as their referrer (see this blog post about the NTSA referral program), and if you both get accepted, you can save money on your course fee. $100 per friend! Not only does the duet video make the audition process easier (and more enjoyable!), it can also put more cash into your pocket this summer.

Assembled your friends and filmed a great video audition together? CLICK HERE to submit it to NTSA today!

Posted on Jan 29, 2018 in Auditions  

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