Creating a Chair Duet for Your Devised Audition

If you’re auditioning for NTSA’s devised production, you might want to consider creating a chair duet. If you’re feeling nervous or uninspired, this will allow you to create work alongside one of your friends. It’s also as simple as stringing a few simple movements together.

NOTE: NTSA does require something slightly different than Frantic Assembly’s exercise. While you can create a chair duet with a friend, you will need to add in a story. Instead of starting with an idea already in mind, we recommend following Frantic Assembly’s directions. Work with a partner to create a series of movements; don’t think about the story yet. Then, after you’ve created and rehearsed your movements, think about what story they could tell. Write the monologue that matches the movements you’ve already developed. Rehearse the new chair duet, integrating the different sections of your monologue so that they match your movements. Then film the finished product! For a good example of what this might look like, check out Frantic Assembly’s Things I Know to Be True.

Posted on Feb 18, 2018 in Auditions  

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