Five NTSA Applications that Can Be Completed in 60 Minutes or Less

5 applications completed 60 minutes

You really want to audition for NTSA! But you’re in the middle of your high school musical, and you spent the past month studying for the SATs, and you just haven’t been able to get something together and . . . well, it just doesn’t look like it’s going to happen this year. Not so fast! Today, we’re going through five NTSA applications that you can complete in 60 minutes or less. (We promise!) So if this school year has been too hard for words, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

1. Musical Theatre Actor

Your protests are actually audible through my computer screen right now: No, I already told you that I don’t have time to prep anything! Luckily, NTSA doesn’t require you to track down sheet music or find an accompanist or anything else like that. All you need is a video camera (like the one that’s built into your iPhone) and a song that you’ve memorized. And if you’re as big a musical theatre geek as we are, then you have tons of showtunes running through your head every day. Just turn on that camera and sing whatever you want! We only require that you sing one complete song for your audition. Seriously, if you figure that the average musical theatre song is about four minutes in length, you could go through five practice rounds and still have this audition knocked out in twenty minutes or less. Check out our blog on Filming Your Video Audition for more information.

2. Directors Studio

The NTSA Directors Program can gradually take you from trainee to full-fledged director. But if you’ve only directed a one-act for your high school theatre festival (or you’ve never directed before at all), you’re going to need to start in our Directors Studio program. This intensive provides you with daily college-level directing seminars, while you observe and assist in rehearsals for one of our productions. And the application process couldn’t be simpler. You just have to write a brief statement about a play or musical that you would someday be interested in directing and why, along with why you want to join the NTSA Directors Studio. If you’re even thinking about starting your career as a director, I know that you’ve already come up with a list of shows that you want to direct someday. Just pick out your favorite and tell us a bit about why you like it and how you might stage it. So easy.

3. Assistant Designer

Do you like Pinterest? We like Pinterest. In fact, we might be a little bit obsessed. Our assistant designer application is just creating a board on Pinterest and then writing about it. Really. We ask you to pick any show and then create a mood board that reflects your design concept for it. Use Google Image search to choose twenty images that represent a show, and then write a one-page statement about why you chose them. Show us something interesting that demonstrates how well you understand the show’s major themes and character arcs. Mood board away, my friends!

4. Assistant Stage Manager

This is probably NTSA’s easiest application — but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have some of the best stage managers in the country coming through our program. (Our stage managers have gone on to work with companies like Lincoln Center, the New York Musical Theatre Festival, and the American Theatre Wing.) It just means that we’ve discovered a student’s commitment to being a great assistant stage manager has more impact on their performance than the skills that they start out knowing. That’s why we only ask for a one-page statement explaining why you’re interested in becoming an NTSA stage manager this summer. If you’re new to theatre, or if you’re an incoming freshman who wants to get into NTSA on the ground floor, you might want to submit an assistant stage manager application.

5. Musician

We love our musicians — and that’s part of why we made the application so easy for them. All of have to do is use that video camera (you know, the one in your iPhone?) and record yourself playing any song. It doesn’t even need to be a song from a musical. Just choose the best piece in your repertoire and press record. Make sure to show off your personality though! Almost all of our productions feature on-stage bands, which means that, for us, you’re just as important as all of our actors.

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